Built for families

The Mercedes-Benz Valente is one very reputable van, and for good reason. When it comes to moving your most precious cargo, your family, safety is of the utmost importance and the Valente is designed with this in mind to keep you and your family secure while traveling in true Mercedes-Benz style. Safety features of the Valente include acceleration skid control, an anti-lock braking system, adaptive ESP and passenger safety cells, just to name a few.

Valente Interior

Dual sliding doors for easy entry and exit for even the littlest of passengers and multiple storage compartments for all the family essentials, the Valente is exactly what the growing family needs.The Valente comfortably seats 8 adults, so it’s a pleasant surprise that the Valente still features 730 litres worth of luggage space, meaning there will be no need to pack lightly on your next family vacation.

Being the ultimate family vehicle, the design of the Valente has taken into account that when there are little hands around, accidents happen. That’s why the Valente features high quality seating fabric and materials along with an easy to clean, carpeted floor.

The features don’t stop there. The Valente is equipped with THERMOTRONIC luxury climate control for significantly enhanced climate comfort. THERMOTRONIC features enhanced sensor technology with automatic temperature and airflow adjustment, a solar sensor and automatic air recirculation switch, which closes the vent flaps if the quality of the outside air deteriorates.


Mercedes-Benz Valente Brochure